Re picked up by special receptors in the muscle tissue. viagra daily and bph viagra for sale If enough receptors are stimulated, the result is muscular contraction. generic viagra online Some studies have suggested that children with stc have abnormal neurotransmitters in the muscular layer of their intestinal walls. is viagra covered by insurance These abnormalities include a deficiency of a peptide known as substance p, which is thought to contribute to peristalsis. cheap generic viagra Research also indicates that the nerve cells of the bowel may be abnormal in number, position or appearance. viagra vs viagra vs viagra which is better Quality of life can be severely affected many children with stc have emotional and behavioural problems, including: constant anxiety about losing control of their bowels in public fear and embarrassment about their condition withdrawal from social situations depression and loss of self-esteem, especially if they are teased by other children at school. where to buy cials and viagra online Stc may mimic or coincide with hirschsprung’s disease hirschsprung’s disease is characterised by the congenital lack of nerve cells in the rectum, large intestine or both. viagra without a doctor prescription This means that peristalsis of the rectum or large intestine is absent, so that waste simply stalls and can’t be expelled via the anus. Viagra online from india The symptoms include severe constipation and obstruction. viagra vs viagra vs viagra which is better This disease is similar in many ways to stc, which can make diagnosis difficult. viagra mg 40 A further challenge to diagnosis is that stc and hirschsprung’s disease quite often occur together. can you buy viagra high street Diagnosis of slow transit constipation stc is often missed as a diagnosis because of the standard tests used for constipation, including: x-ray – to see if the bowel is distended with excess faeces barium enema – a special contrasting liquid is flushed into the bowel via the anus, then x-rays are taken a more specialised diagnosis or confirmation of stc should involve one or more of the following: comprehensive assessment by a specialist continence adviser – a child with stc may have a distended abdomen and obvious discomfort. cheap viagra sales Colonic nuclear transit study (nts) – the child swallows a radioactive dose. Viagra online lowest price Its passage through the bowels is then tracked over three days. buy cheap viagra Full thickness laparoscopic biopsy – a small surgical incision is made in three places on the abdomen and samples are taken of the bowel wall to look at the muscles and nerve supply and the messenger molecules. buy viagra This should not be mistaken for rectal biopsies. viagra vs viagra vs viagra which is better Treatment for slow transit constipation there is no cure for slow transit constipation. Treatment options may include: drugs to improve bowel motility regular enemas to flush the rectum of faeces interferential electrical stimulation therapy (used in what is known as the tic toc treatment trial). generic viagra usa pharmacy The treatment is painless and often increases the child’s bowel motility, improves their bowel emptying and reduces the need fo. Cheapest viagra super active viagra bayer jenapharm

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